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What would life be without friends. This page is dedicated to friends who have encouraged me along the way in starting this page in the first place. Without whom this site would never have got off the ground.

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Thanks Sandi, my special friend and mentor.


Winds of Friendship

You dear friend, are like the chinook winds

that come sailing down from the

mountain tops.

You blast aside cold negativity

with your honest warmth.


I've watched as you've

reached out to others,

in pain and sorrow

Comforting them

easing their grief

with your tenderness.

Providing an ear

to listen not judge

their feelings.


You are dear friend

like the chinook winds.

Warming all you caress,

with your vitality.

Pushing away

the numbing hurt

that life can place

before us all

with just a touch.

Poem by Linda C. Reitz

Thanks Chenae and my Wolf Friends at Wildlife Guardians

Kindred Spirit

The wolf...A man...
What's in a name
It's all the same

Look into their eyes
Hear their cries
See what they see
Feel what they feel
Think what they think

Are we that uncaring
So aggressive and daring
  Social that we are
They are more within their clan
With no natural enemies
Except for Man

A kinship to us
It's evident to see
So why do we destroy them
It's way beyond me

With love of it's family
And survival from nature
It's the only thing they ask
We seem to put them to a task

Killing them from their natural land
All for the sake of some medival plan
The thought of this seems oh so wrong
A simple creature that survived for so long

It's not so hard to give this a thought
The beast we marred, and intentionally sought
To make them extinct is not what they bought

In reality it's ourselves, our fears and misconception
Soon there will be none left for a resurrection

It's only us that will suffer in the end
After all they are only our brethren

So I ask you again
Look into their eyes
Awaiting there is a surprise
A kind and gentle spirit
with the instincts to survive

A sense of family devotion and pride
Something that we should have inside

Again I ask you
Look, take a good look

Lessons from the Elders book
They see it all so clear
The soul of the wolf
One they hold so dear

Finally I Ask
Look them in their eye

Why make them cry

Author Unknown